Rabu, 11 Desember 2013

4 Reasons why you can fail your business idea

95% of the time entrepreneur arrogance leads him to underestimate the competition. And that arrogance is generally a result of an inadequate assessment of the penetration of the product or service in the market.

Kevin D. Johnson provides 4 reasons why you may fail your business idea:

- There is no demand

- The market is small

- The business is not profitable

- Barriers to entry are too large.

Routines or breaking routines?

The question is not whether routine or not routine itself, but, as always, we must find a balance between routine and non-routine. In any event it is "fitted" with positive active routines and above all to avoid the comfort and negative routines. In bad times, active and positive routines are very important, but so are in daily work activities.

Well, we've entered the era of apps, and there is also an app, SWORKIT installable mobile phone, which allows us to break the routine of the office and systematize certain behaviors or active routines to avoid the inconvenience of being too much sitting for example, at a computer.

It is very important to "equip" positive routines all the good times and the bad times:, professional, social, family, sports, leisure, etc.

5 Smart ways to integrate twitter into your strategy

We still see many experts and specialists in materials that are not present on twitter and if they still are far to use it. Twitter is a useful tool if it allows us to deepen our goals. But like any other tool or medium, must "take care" of it and integrate it into the strategy, whether personal or professional.
I include below 5 Ways (councils) to integrate twitter in smart your strategy. These 5 tips are from an article on the real estate, 5 Smart Ways to Use Twitter to Build Your Real Estate Business, but very well may be extended to any other business or activity:

1. Connect with your "consumers"
2. Drive traffic to your website or blog
3. Optimizes profile
4. Use lists
5. Restate content

Twiter may also contribute to your personal and professional identity

3 Keys of "Inbound Marketing"

They are very general advice, something like the beginning, but very interesting to take account either, particularly entrepreneurs and small empresarios.El "inbound marketing" is the most effective digital marketing for small businesses, whatever their sector. The methodology of "Inbound marketing" is built on the belief that the acquisition and retention of customers requires us to provide interesting and valuable content.

3 Key rules of inbound marketing:

1. Constructs a friend website for search engines

Two. Be active in social networks

Three. Automate your marketing

In any case, be sure to:

- You're creating a content extraordinario├ž
- You keep good relations with your customers in the networks and
- To align your marketing efforts in one place.

10 words that should not be used to describe

In defining oneself must be primarily "humble" and very "realistic", but in any case and as mencina in post 10 Ways You Should Never Describe Yourself must avoid words that everyone uses and though one believes that he is the one that is most deserving, the oy obviadades, in any case, specify


Home treatments for hair growth

Many times, especially women complain of not having a good look at the hair, have not so unhealthy and shiny hair. It is time that these extreme concerns they last, because there are extraordinary, natural and above all easy to prepare treatments. Just find the Romero, leaving him with more softness, plus it stimulates hair growth.

Just massage starting with the tip, until the mixture scalp. The good thing about this treatment is that it is not greasy. You no longer have excuses for having a bad hair, dull and not smooth. It has everything you need at your fingertips to do so. Do not wait for your hair worse, it's time to take care of something so important to the showcasing of female parts.

Minggu, 17 November 2013

Basic tips before traveling to London

Before traveling to the city of London should try to learn a few basics to avoid meeting any unpleasant surprise ; these aspects mentioned the type of currency, the place where you make your trip , the communication channels that exist in emergency and many other situations to consider .

For example , if you are a citizen who lives in Switzerland or in any other region of the European Union do not need a visa to visit the city of London , anyway , the immigration office in your country will offer more information on this aspect.

Another additional situation to consider is the currency in London , it is sterling. Although you do not need to carry cash , it is always advisable to have some of the same , however in London there is a lot of ATMs which you can go to withdraw your money anytime you like .
Communication , mobilization and fun in London

In London town there is a lot of pay phones to use and thus stay connected to different instances that you will need. They are for example red booths and also those who have a farm to his guest , the latter being those used completely free to call to request a hotel reservation service , information about different shops and various events guides and different .

If you plan to take the subway or bus , you should always keep in mind that this shuttle is active only between 5:00 and 00:00 , after that there is virtually no shuttle , which is used by the night owls and various bars in the city of London, as these open at that time to give some nightlife here host and ask us .